L.A. Guns Guestbook

This is an archived Guestbook along with a link to one that is still available.

First Name :   krelgh
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Comments :   Very nice pictures you have. I can wait to see them this week.
E-mail :   ballgirl2001 at hotmail.com
Favorite L.A. Guns Song :   Hollywood Tease

First Name :   Dick Sanchez
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Comments :   L.A. Guns are one of the best hard rock bands around today! Straight forward kick ass rock n roll. Very underrated band.
E-mail :   mbloch at axs4u.net
Favorite L.A. Guns Song :   SEX ACTION!!!

First Name :   Ravyn
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Comments :   Awesome pics! Thanks for posting the link!
E-mail :   zapper at quixnet.net
Favorite L.A. Guns Song :   All of ’em!

First Name :   Stephanie
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Comments :   I like your site..got to see LAG at 3 shows in the UK last September…it was great! Thanks for putting up the pictures!
E-mail :   farsideofcrazytoo at yahoo.de
Favorite L.A. Guns Song :   Impossible to pick just one…sorry 😉

First Name :   Marnie
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Comments :   great pics cant wait to get mine back…Thanx
E-mail :   fishingypsy at yahoo.com
Favorite L.A. Guns Song :   Electric Gypsy

First Name :   Leslie
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Comments :   Thank you for the pics. Sundays show was great. I hope to run in to you the next time they’re here.
E-mail :   angry_chicken at msn.com
Favorite L.A. Guns Song :   Beautiful

First Name :   brian
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Comments :   hope these guys come to boston mass area .
E-mail :   goale67 at aol
Favorite L.A. Guns Song :   bitch is back

First Name :   Denise
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Comments :   Love the site…pics are great! I have some of my own…LAG always has been and always will be one of my favorite bands. Tracii is one of the most under rated guitar players in the world.
E-mail :   deebarwench at yahoo.com
Favorite L.A. Guns Song :   hmmm..where to start?!

First Name :   Kittykat
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Comments :   Great site! Love seeing the boys in concert and in photos – I’ll take them anyway I can
E-mail :   tawnyamorrison at hotmail.com
Favorite L.A. Guns Song :   One More Reason